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May 2000

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27 May 2000

Re: Next Rising Stars, Joe's Comics
JMS describes his Midnight Nation comic book and mentions that Rising Stars 8 should be out this week.

22 May 2000

Re: Freedom of speech
JMS continues to discuss the Second Amendment to the U.S. Contstitution.

Re: I'm afraid. Very Afraid.
JMS expresses his views on gun control.

Re: Freedom of speech
JMS argues about grammar in the U.S. Constitution.

19 May 2000

Re: JMS: "..even for people like us."?
JMS answers a question about a phrase that he has used more than once.

Re: ATTN JMS: B5 magazine Chronology oddity
JMS explains why the official chronology currently being published in the Official Babylon 5 Magazine shows several episodes in a different order than they were originally aired.

17 May 2000

Re: Does anyone have any info for the sci fi channel
JMS suggests a source for the Sciography program.

Re: B5 on Sciography (Sci-Fi Channel)
JMS is talking with the Sci-Fi Channel about participating in the Sciography program about Babylon 5.

Re: ATTN JMS: Wolf Winding Up?
JMS continues the discussion of the Wolf convention organization.

16 May 2000

Re: ATTN JMS: Wolf Winding Up?
JMS forwards information that he received about the Wolf winding up order.

15 May 2000

Re: Fiona's short story in B5 Mag - no spoilers
JMS gives information about an event where Fiona Avery will be signing copies of the Babylon 5 Magazine that contains her new Babylon 5 short story.

Re: ATTN: JMS - About your books...
JMS answers questions about his novels.

Re: ATTN JMS: Why not pestering DreamWorks or Disney in making a
JMS clarifies again that he did not create Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors.

Re: Pearl Harbor remark on B5
JMS reacts to a ludicrous article that accuses President Roosevelt of complicity in the Pearl Harbor attack.

Re: Minbar, an Islamic term...?
JMS confirms that the name "Minbar" is derived from an Islamic word.

Re: ATTN JMS: Wolf Winding Up?
JMS responds with a question to a report of legal action concerning the Wolf convention organization.

13 May 2000

Re: ATTN JMS: Why not pestering DreamWorks or Disney in making a
JMS is asked why he doesn't pursue a Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors animated film. JMS says he doesn't own the property.

09 May 2000

Re: ATTN JMS: Your mailing address?
JMS gives his current mailing address and suggests that people send mail to the cast through their individual fan clubs rather than through the Official Babylon 5 Fan Club from now on.

08 May 2000

Re: ATTN JMS: SFC fudging the deal?
JMS answers another question about the prospects for Crusade on the Sci-Fi Channel.

05 May 2000

Re: JMS: Are the novels official canon?
JMS says that Legions of Fire is more or less official canon.

Re: Next Rising Stars, Joe's Comics
Issue 1 of Midnight Nation, the first publication under the Joe's Comics imprint, is scheduled for September.

Rising Stars #7 Is Out
Issue 7 of Rising Stars, the JMS comic book, is now available.

03 May 2000

JMS is asked about some awards that were recently presented to Babylon 5 and SFX Magazine.

02 May 2000

Re: ATTN JMS: Article in MIT Technology Review with you
JMS is asked about a reference to him in an academic article.

01 May 2000

Re: ATTN JMS: You, WWC2000, and JW
JMS discusses his attendance at GenCon.

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