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22 July 2008

Re: from jms: update
JMS discusses TV budgets and his San Diego Comic Con schedule.

Re: The Real Ghostbusters coming soon to DVD
JMS recorded material for the upcoming DVD release of The Real Ghostbusters.

13 July 2008

from jms: update
JMS has decided that he's not interested in doing any Babylon 5 projects short of a big-budget feature film.

17 June 2008

from jms: research help
JMS requests help with research for a new movie project.

10 June 2008

Re: JMS: Rewrite policy
JMS comments on verbal agreements to his rewrite policy.

Re: from jms
More fans help JMS with his magazine request.

Re: from jms
A fan helps JMS track down a magazine that he wants.

Re: JMS: Rewrite policy
JMS' success has brought him more control over his scripts.

08 June 2008

Re: from jms
JMS would welcome additional photos from the Cannes Film Festival.

Re: from jms
JMS is stunned by his new level of success.

Re: from jms
JMS comments briefly on his dinner with Mick Jagger.

07 June 2008

from jms
JMS describes his trip to the Cannes Film Festival.

23 April 2008

Re: Attn JMS: Emerald City ComiCon and Cannes Film Festival
JMS gives an update on his planned appearances and his recent script sales.

11 February 2008

Re: ATTN: JMS - International Writers
JMS gives some candid advice about breaking into the TV writing field and also launches another Google Earth quest.

31 January 2008

Re: A quote by JMS
JMS posts his quote in which increasing emotion requires fewer words.

30 January 2008

Re: Volume 13 Photos - No stinky food
JMS clarifies the text on a Babylon 5 sign.

Re: Attn JMS: WorldCon Appearance?
JMS will not attend the 2008 Worldcon.

Re: Attn JMS: WonderCon event schedule
JMS provides his WonderCon schedule.

13 January 2008

Re: ATTN JMS: Wasp?
JMS discusses the difficulty of adapting science fiction to film.

Re: Ron Howard: Lensman?
JMS evades a question about a possible project.

01 January 2008

Re: JMS supports Ron Paul?
JMS discusses his reconsidered support for Ron Paul.

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