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Subject: Re: ATTN JMS Comic Book Questions
Date: 7 Aug 2006 02:39:43 -0700
Newsgroups: wrote:
> Will you ever work with Doctor Strange again either in a book of his
> own or in another that you might write?

Dunno, totally open to it, though.

> Will you ever work with Gary Frank or John Romita Jr again? How about
> Bryan Hitch any interest in working with him?

I'm working with Gary now on Squadron Supreme...definitely want to work
with JRJR again and interested in Brian.

> Do you choose the artist that works on each book how does that work?

If I'm clueless, which happens a lot, Marvel suggests 3-4 names, whose
work I check out to see which matches the story best, and that's who we
go with.

> How do you decide what to write at a given time is it only based on
> deadlines or do you just get in a mood like i feel like writing
> spiderman so thats what you do?

It's all a function of deadlines and who's next in the rotation.

> Do you have any desire to write a huge crossover like Civil War
> yourself someday?

Should the medication wear off, sure.

> If you wrote a Superman comic who would you want on art?

Curt Swan who, sadly, is no longer available.

> And last but not least any news on the B5 Graphic Novel?

Working on it.