JMS on Usenet


Subject: Re: Script Book Volume 1 Received
Date: Mon, 21 Nov 2005 22:09:52 +0000 (UTC)

Wendy of NJ wrote:

> If you have access to your web site statistics, it's always fun to see
> the list of countries that visit the site.

I'll get that info and post it.

> Is this the first time you've been so intimately involved in the sales
> end of your stuff?

I am and I'm not, both at the same time...the B5scripts sales team came
to me about five months ago with the idea of doing this, and they've
handled all of the production elements, assembling the book, proofing,
layout, working with Cafe Press, answering emails and
inquiries...basically doing all the heavy lifting.  My job has been to
find the author's preferred drafts of the scripts, photos and memos,
send them on over, and write the intros and some of the web site copy
since they felt that this really needed to be in my voice.  So in that
respect, it's really not *that* much different than when I've had a
novel published or the like.  I don't really get into the sales aspect
of it much, except to receive periodic reports and updates, and to let
folks know when stuff is going up.

But it's been a fascinating endeavor, because this kind of venue is the
ONLY one where you could put out 14 volumes of this material, this
quickly.  It's a bit tough keeping up with it all sometimes, but in the
end I think it's definitely worthwhile.