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Subject: Re: Amazing Spider-Man #510 (SPOILER SPACE--BIG REVELATION)
Date: 06 Aug 2004 20:27:07 GMT
From: (Jms at B5)
Newsgroups: rec.arts.comics.marvel.universe

>Wish more people that
>straight forward.  To bad today's sensibilities can't handle it as I
>am sure follow-up will show as people getting snippy for being treated
>the same way they where treating JMS.   

It's the internet rule, which I learned a long time ago.  The rule says it's
okay to say anything you want about anybody, to be as mean-spirited,
untruthful, wrong-headed, or accusative as you want, that's okay...but to
defend yourself, to say that the OTHER person is the one who's wrong...well,
that's bad form.

I've gotten used to it.


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