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Subject: Re: It was a Straczynskian feat...
Date: 14 Apr 2001 15:12:03 -0700
From: (Jms at B5)

>For every person like yourself
>who stands up to these jerks, there are hundreds of other victims who
>say nothing, often due to feeling self-conscious that it will look
>like they're over-reacting.

And that's been the curse of the net ever since its inception.

The rule of the game is that it's okay to say anything you want, about anybody,
no matter how offensive or incorrect...but to defend yourself (or someone
else), to take the person to task for it, THAT'S somehow wrong, it means you
can't stand the heat, or you're infringing their right to speak, or being rude,
or somesuch.

It's carte blanche for the assholes and the nutcases and the rude folk to say
any damned thing they want, no matter how untrue, hurtful, or libelous.  And
most astonishing of all is that people buy INTO this bullshit.

The ones who badrap everybody the most, who feel that they have the right to do
whatever they want to other people, are always the ones who go most bugfuck
when somebody goes after THEM in return.  THAT they don't like, THAT is unfair.

It's the logic of the guy who pees in the pool 'cause he thinks its fun.

I say fuck 'em.


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