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June 1999

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27 June 1999

Wednesday schedule change
JMS warns that "The Path of Sorrows" will be shown at a different time.

Re: attn: JMS - Well of Forever (WOW)
JMS comments on the character of Max Eilerson.

25 June 1999

Crusade Bible Available
The Crusade writers' bible is for sale by the official fan club at The Station.

Re: Attn JMS - Babylon Productions closed, or not?
JMS continues the rumor control about the folded and stored Crusade sets.

jms & computer games
If you work for game company and are interested in a non-Babylon 5 game design written by JMS, please email him.

Re: ATTN JMS: Crusade Bible
The Crusade writers' bible is for sale by the official fan club at The Station.

Re: Attn JMS - Babylon Productions closed, or not?
JMS is on rumor control duty. Even though Martial Law is using the old Crusade soundstage, the sets are all safely in storage.

Re: B5's Well of Forever
JMS explains that the reordering of the Crusade episodes due to the cancellation is responsible for all of the Galen-heavy episodes being clumped together.

22 June 1999

Re: ATTN JMS: Attending Wizard World?
JMS will be attending Wizard World Chicago, which coincides with the premiere of Rising Stars.

19 June 1999

Re: JMS: no Medusa logo?
JMS confirms that the Medusa did have a logo, but it was never shown on screen.

18 June 1999

Re: ATTN JMS: You were right! (OR The Princess Bride meets Babylon 5)
JMS thanks a viewer for his positive comments on "The Long Road".

Re: Attn: JMS, re: "The Long Road" (No Spoilers)
JMS gives short answers to questions about Lt. Matheson, technomages, and Crusade's renewal prospects.

Re: Attn :JMS - Costumes ?? for The Long Road (spoilers)
JMS answers questions about Galen's costumes and Alwyn's history.

Re: ATTN JMS: Who do you serve? Who do you trust?
JMS is asked if it was intentional that his opening Crusade credit appears when the words "Who do you trust" are spoken.

Re: ATTN: JMS Crusade Ep. 1 thru 13 Viewing Order
JMS is asked if the unexpected episode order brought on by the cancellation caused any continuity problems.

17 June 1999

Re: ATTN JMS: Best Crusade Eps.?
JMS lists his favorite Crusade episodes.

16 June 1999

Re: Attn: JMS - Final Reckoning (Psi Corp trilogy)
JMS comments favorably on the third Psi Corps novel.

15 June 1999

Re: ACtA/crusade: War Zone *spoilers*
JMS replies to the impression of some viewers that Dureena acts like she has never seen the Excalibur before in "War Zone".

12 June 1999

Re: Attn JMS: The Practical Side of the Crusade Universe
JMS is asked if Crusade will show the effects of Earth's quarantine on its trade partners.

11 June 1999

Re: Attn JMS - CRUSADE in Canada
JMS responds to the news that Crusade is being very heavily promoted in Canada.

Re: Crusade Repeats on Monday?
Crusade is scheduled to repeat on Monday night at 11:00 p.m. ET/PT.

10 June 1999

Re: Crusade: First Impressions
JMS agrees with the opinion shared by many fans that "War Zone" has too much exposition.

09 June 1999

jms portland oregon query
JMS asks for help in finding a retirement village in Portland for some of his family members.

jms on first eps
JMS explains that "War Zone", the episode requested by TNT, is probably the weakest Crusade episode.

05 June 1999

Re: JMS: Crusade 'lost' episodes?
JMS explains the status of the unused Crusade scripts.

Re: Dreamwatch #58 Article
JMS compliments the DreamWatch Magazine article.

01 June 1999

Re: Attn: JMS, Re: B5 Magazine.
JMS posts a message from John Freeman, the editor of the Babylon 5 Magazine, with details about the magazine's sales potential.

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