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May 1999

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28 May 1999

Re: Attn JMS: Funding Crusade (was Re: ATTN JMS: Third Psi-Corps Book)
JMS explains why the Sci-Fi Channel couldn't afford to pick up the first season of Crusade.

27 May 1999

Re: Attn: JMS, Re: B5 Magazine.
JMS refutes the rumor that the Babylon 5 Magazine's sales are falling - they are solid and increasing.

Re: ATTN JMS: Third Psi-Corps Book
JMS answers questions about the Babylon 5 novel schedule and Joe's DreamWatch revelations.

25 May 1999

Re: B5 Fan Mail Reroute -- Arrggghhhh!
JMS responds to concerns about whether the old address will still work for a little while.

Re: Attn JMS: Rising Stars Preview Issues
JMS responds to a compliment of Rising Stars.

24 May 1999

B5 Fan Mail Reroute
JMS provides the new address for all mail to the cast and crew.

23 May 1999

Re: Attn JMS: dvd release
JMS has not been approached yet to participate in the upcoming Babylon 5 DVD release.

22 May 1999

Re: ATTN JMS: Crusade Question
JMS is asked if he would like to complete the Crusade story in a series of novels.

21 May 1999

Re: ATTN JMS: A Suggestion
JMS responds to the suggestion that his online comments about TNT are not helping the efforts to find another home for Crusade.

Re: ATTN JMS: Babylon 5 Magazine Column
JMS explains the status of the lease on the Babylonian Productions building.

20 May 1999

Re: Attn: JMS re. writers rights
JMS clarifies that the Crusade ads currently running were created by TNT, not Warner Bros.

Re: ATTN JMS: Star Wars Movie (No Plot Spoilers)
JMS hasn't seen The Phantom Menace yet.

19 May 1999

Re: Attn JMS: Rising Star early release question.
JMS explains where to find issue zero of Rising Stars.

12 May 1999

Re: Attn: JMS, re: B5 and DS9.
JMS explains the Warner Bros. corporate structure and why there's no chance of Crusade moving to the WB Network.

Re: ATTN JMS: Rising Star news?
JMS says issue one of Rising Stars will be out in July.

09 May 1999

Re: B5 Awards listing?
JMS provides a list of awards Babylon 5 has won.

07 May 1999

Re: Attn: JMS, re: B5 and DS9.
JMS explains why he never sued Paramount for allegedly stealing his Babylon 5 ideas for Deep Space Nine.

Re: ATTN JMS: Dormammu?
JMS is asked if he is a fan of the Dr. Strange comic books.

06 May 1999

Re: The Babylon File Volume 2
In the ongoing Babylon File debate, JMS clarifies that he has no problem with negative opinions, but he does have a problem with opinions disguised as facts.

05 May 1999

Re: The Babylon File Volume 2
JMS takes issue with several factual errors in Volume 2 of Andy Lane's Babylon File.

02 May 1999

Re: jms = big rock
JMS brings the jokes about the Straczynski asteriod hitting the Earth full circle with a Babylon 5 reference.

Re: jms = big rock
JMS believes the roots of the name "Straczynski" come from Belarus.

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