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April 1999

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27 April 1999

Re: jms = big rock
JMS talks about what he's been told "Straczynski" means in Russian.

26 April 1999

Re: Attn JMS: Sheridan: "There is Some Much I Still Don't Understand"
A viewer notices that Sheridan's dialogue about the Dalai Lama in "Points of Departure" is similar to his conversation with Lorien in "Sleeping in Light".

25 April 1999

jms = big rock
JMS is very proud to announce that an asteroid has been named "Straczynski".

Re: ATTN: JMS - OT (The Matrix)
JMS has high praise for The Matrix.

24 April 1999

Re: ATTN JMS: And now for a word JMS- viewer reaction after SiL
JMS responds to a compilation of viewer comments on "Sleeping in Light" from a German newsgroup.

23 April 1999

Re: ATTN JMS - Thoughts on "Earth: Final Conflict"
JMS hasn't seen Earth: Final Conflict.

Re: JMS: Congrats on Hugo Nomination
JMS comments on the Hugo nomination for "Sleeping in Light".

19 April 1999

Re: ATTN:JMS (a few questions)
JMS clarifies the timeframes of Crusade and "Sleeping in Light".

13 April 1999

Re: ATTN JMS: Bradbury Award
JMS says "thank you" for congratulations on his Bradbury Award.

11 April 1999

Re: ATTN JMS: Advice for budding writers???
JMS clarifies that unknown writers can break into the business by selling individual scripts.

07 April 1999

Re: ATTN JMS: Advice for budding writers???
JMS says it is impossible for a writer with no track record to sell a TV series.

06 April 1999

Re: ATTN JMS: Amazing Stories
The first JMS Babylon 5 short story should be in the next Amazing Stories magazine.

03 April 1999

Re: ATTN JMS: effect of Crusade cancellation, SW:TPM on B5 theatrical
JMS is asked if Crusade's cancellation will affect the chances for a possible Babylon 5 feature film.

Re: JMS: words coming back
JMS responds to a compliment on the "density" of his storytelling.

01 April 1999

Re: ATTN JMS: George Lucas on 60 Minutes
JMS missed the George Lucas interview on 60 Minutes.

Re: ATTN JMS: future Babylon 5 projects ?
JMS mentions several upcoming Babylon 5 projects including the Sierra computer game and the fiction he is writing for Amazing Stories magazine.

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