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March 1999

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29 March 1999

Re: ATTN JMS: Kosovo [off topic]
JMS gives his opinion on the Kosovo situation.

27 March 1999

Re: Attn. JMS: Rising Stars Comic
JMS comments on current comic books that he thinks are good.

Re: ATTN JMS: Rising Stars & Wizard World Chicago '99
JMS plans to be at the Chicago Comic Con

26 March 1999

Re: preview to jms comic out now
JMS will be writing a network TV movie.

25 March 1999

Re: ATTN JMS: Rising Stars Question
Issue 1 of Rising Stars will be released in July.

22 March 1999

Re: ATTN JMS: Selling Crusade to foreign networks?
JMS points out again that Warner Bros. owns Crusade.

Re: preview to jms comic out now
JMS describes the nonlinear storytelling approach used in his Rising Stars comic series.

21 March 1999

preview to jms comic out now
The preview issue of Rising Stars, the new comic series from JMS, is now in stores.

20 March 1999

Re: ATTN JMS: Why are you so pessimistic? (not Crusade)
A fan suggests JMS is too pessimistic after viewing "The Fall of Centauri Prime".

Re: ATTN JMS: Crusade Theme
JMS describes how the visuals and music were integrated for the Crusade opening credits.

18 March 1999

JMS describes the origin of the Crusade opening credits.

13 March 1999

Re: ATTN JMS: Can we help?
JMS explains the time window in which letters to the Sci-Fi Channel about Crusade will have the most effect.

Re: ATTN: jms: Is there hope?
JMS responds when asked if there is a realistic chance of saving Crusade.

10 March 1999

Re: Babylon 5- Deadly Relations- Bester's Ascendant
JMS responds to criticism from a viewer who wanted the story of the Deadly Relations: Bester Ascendant novel to be told on screen.

Re: What B5 spinoffs wouldn't WB own?
JMS confirms that Warner Bros. would own all Babylon 5 spin-offs.

09 March 1999

Re: Sleepin' In Light
JMS says the "Sleeping in Light" soundtrack is available from Sonic Images.

08 March 1999

Re: attn: JMS
JMS is asked about the Wing Commander movie.

Re: PsiCorps 2: Deadly Relations...a readers review
JMS says that Galen's expanded background in the novelization of "A Call to Arms" is canon.

Re: Elia Kazan and Forgiveness-"Passing Through Gethsemane"
JMS comments on the topic of forgiving Elia Kazan.

Re: Is the Pern TV Series JMS's next project?
JMS will not be the screenwriter for the Pern TV series.

Re: ATTN JMS: The beginning of the next GREAT story...
A fan urges JMS to leave the Babylon 5 universe behind and create something new.

04 March 1999

Re: ATTN JMS: Book outlines, how detailed?
JMS describes the type of outlines he has written for the new book trilogies.

Re: Crusade: What Episodes
JMS provides the definitive list of titles for the 13 Crusade episodes to be shown.

Re: ATTN JMS: Who pulled the plug?
JMS didn't have the power to personally cancel Crusade.

Re: ATTN JMS: Is WB still interested in a B5 Feature Film?
JMS says "yeah", but it's unclear whether he answered the question in the subject or the different question in the message body.

Re: Crusade : It's the ratings folks!
JMS explains what is considered good ratings on cable networks.

Re: PsiCorps 2: Deadly Relations...a readers review
JMS really likes the second novel in the Psi Corps trilogy.

03 March 1999

Re: Elia Kazan
JMS discusses Elia Kazan and the meaning of the word "blacklist".

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