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February 1999

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27 February 1999

Re: ATTN JMS: Network projects!
JMS elaborates on the network offers he is considering.

Re: Attn JMS: Are you still going to Megacon
JMS will be at MegaCon '99.

Re: ATTN JMS & ALL: Do NOT despair.
JMS explains that there is basically no time left to save Crusade.

26 February 1999

from jms re: Crusade
Crusade will not be moving to the Sci-Fi Channel. TNT will air the 13 episodes already filmed.

22 February 1999

Re: Attn. JMS: Writer Ageism/60 Minutes
JMS is asked about writers having trouble finding work because of their age.

21 February 1999

Re: ATTN JMS: Does cast/crew get paid?
JMS is asked if the Crusade cast and crew are paid during the hiatus.

20 February 1999

Re: ATTN JMS: Sifl and Olly
JMS may provide his voice to a character on Sifl and Olly.

19 February 1999

Re: ATTN JMS: Next con appearance?
JMS will attend MegaCon in Orlando, Florida the weekend of March 5.

16 February 1999

Re: Schuster's unauthorized book
The unauthorized book is self-published, so there aren't many "copyright violation" copies in print.

Re: New Unauthorized Babylon 5 Book Out
JMS's copyrighted messages will be removed from future printings of the unauthorized book.

Re: attn.JMS.UK appearances
JMS currently has no convention appearances scheduled for the UK.

13 February 1999

Re: New Unauthorized Babylon 5 Book Out
JMS is rightfully upset about an author who has illegally reprinted his online messages in a book.

12 February 1999

Re: attn: JMS. Book release order?
JMS makes his best guess about the release order of the next few Babylon 5 novels.

New Words
A few additions to the dictionary from JMS.

10 February 1999

Re: B5 on Drew Carey show
The Drew Carey Show visits a Babylon 5 convention with makeup and costumes from the B5 team.

Re: ATTN JMS: Whatcha up to now?
JMS replies with what he is doing during the Crusade shooting hiatus.

08 February 1999

JMS comments on the "Sleeping in Light" audio clip that appeared on the Babylon 5 Official Guide CD-ROM a year before the episode premiered.

Re: ATTN JMS: Is "War Zone" History?
The most recently reported Crusade episode order will remain, even if it is shown on a different network.

06 February 1999

Re: ATTN jms: Sleeping in Light Novelization
JMS isn't interested in seeing a novelization of "Sleeping in Light".

01 February 1999

Re: The A Call To Arms Poster
The TNT poster for "A Call to Arms" lists the wrong composer.

Re: ATTN JMS: Star Trek style shuttle/fighter bays and TNT interference?
The Excalibur will have a pressure door on its flight deck.

Re: Attn: JMS - Directors for Crusade
Goran Gajic, Mira Furlan's husband, will direct a Crusade episode.

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