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May 2006

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25 May 2006

Re: OT: Job related question (Long)
JMS gives advice on choosing a job.

24 May 2006

Re: JMS: Crusade question...
JMS promises to reveal his plans for Crusade when he publishes a Crusade script book.

22 May 2006

Re: Volume 7
JMS announces Volume 7 of the Babylon 5 script books.

21 May 2006

Re: An Open Plea to Mr Straczynski
JMS debates Matthew Sprange about Mongoose Publishing's behavior.

20 May 2006

Re: Ugh, I'm losing my respect for JMS and JoeyQ
JMS expresses modesty about his comic-writing stature.

18 May 2006

Re: Atheists: America's most distrusted minority
JMS makes an Atheism joke.

Re: Anything new going on?
JMS publicly calls out Matthew Sprange for his false statements.

17 May 2006

Re: ATTN JMS: Short Stories
JMS challenges several of the statements in the Mongoose Publishing podcast.

Re: ATTN JMS: Short Stories
JMS tells his perception of the history of the Mongoose Publishing Babylon 5 license.

Re: ATTN JMS: Short Stories
JMS won't write a Babylon 5 "encyclopedia".

Re: ATTN: JMS Comics questions
JMS provides updates on his comic projects.

16 May 2006

Re: ATTN JMS: Short Stories
JMS does not endorse the Mongoose Publishing books.

Re: ATTN JMS: Short Stories
JMS clarifies that the forthcoming books from Mongoose Publishing are not canonical.

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