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March 2000

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31 March 2000

Re: JMS: Rights? Licenses?
JMS explains how various licensing rights work.

Re: ATTN JMS: B5 Anthology
JMS hopes Del Rey can be convinced to publish an anthology of Babylon 5 fiction.

Re: ATTN JMS: Finland now sleeps in light
JMS responds to an immense message of gratitude from Finnish fans of Babylon 5.

Re: Rising Stars Action Figures
JMS talks about the Rising Stars action figures.

30 March 2000

Re: various announcements #1
JMS is signing 50 copies of the "In the Beginning" script for sale by the official fan club.

Re: various announcements #1
JMS will not continue the story of Crusade under his Joe's Comics imprint.

Re: various announcements #1
JMS responds to praise of Rising Stars Issue 6.

29 March 2000

Re: various announcements #1
JMS mentions that the script for "In the Beginning" is now available from the Official Babylon 5 Fan Club.

various announcements #1
JMS is getting his own comic book imprint from Top Cow.

27 March 2000

Re: JMS: New play about Monks?
JMS says his project about monks is currently on the back burner.

26 March 2000

Re: Attn. JMS - The Crusade Story
JMS discusses the likelihood that Crusade novels will not be published.

25 March 2000

Re: Martian bagpipes
JMS thinks the sound of bagpipes could drive away anything.

24 March 2000

Re: various announcements coming
JMS accepts an apology from the poster of the rude comment, who says it was supposed to be a joke.

Re: various announcements coming
JMS responds to a comment about his original post that generated a rude comment.

Re: various announcements coming: What about a pseudonym?
JMS responds to the suggestion that he could write freelance scripts under a pseudonym.

23 March 2000

Re: ATTN JMS: ''Joe's Comics''
An advertisement for Issue 104 of Wizard magazine promises details on a new Straczynski project from Top Cow. JMS says he can't comment until after March 29.

Re: various announcements coming
JMS says that established show runners do not work freelance for other shows.

Re: various announcements coming
JMS responds to the suggestion that he beg for money to eat.

22 March 2000

Re: various announcements coming
JMS explains the two times of the year that show runners are hired.

Doyle for Congress Info
JMS says Jerry Doyle's campaign Web site will be online soon.

21 March 2000

Re: Martian telepaths
JMS responds to an analogy about his earlier comments on the relationship between the Psi Corps, Mars, and the Earth Alliance.

various announcements coming
JMS alerts us that he will begin posting information on his latest projects soon.

Re: ATTN JMS: Future Books
JMS answers questions about the novel trilogies.

Re: JMS: Awards?
JMS answers a question about the guardians of his Hugo awards.

20 March 2000

Re: Crusade scripts
JMS says there are no current plans to make any Crusade scripts available other than Fiona Avery's.

Re: ATTN JMS: Future Books
JMS says more information about the Telepath War will be covered in the upcoming novels.

Re: JMS: Awards?
JMS reveals where he keeps his Hugo awards. It's pretty funny.

Re: Martian telepaths
JMS clarifies that in 2262 the Psi Corps has authority throughout the Earth Alliance including independent members such as Mars, not just on Earth and the colony worlds.

Re: Avery Info
JMS says Fiona hasn't decided whether to release her fourth Crusade script yet because it was not quite finished when Crusade was shut down.

Avery Info
JMS posts a message from Fiona Avery with information on how to buy her scripts and how to keep up to date on her activities.

17 March 2000

Re: JMS: Awards?
JMS says that the Hugo is the award that means the most to him.

Re: New jms Novel
JMS explains how a book auction works.

New jms Novel
JMS announces that he just sent a new novel to his agent.

15 March 2000

Re: Rising Stars: How does one write a comic?
JMS' comic book scripts are just as detailed as his television scripts. To illustrates, he provides his script for the first four pages of Rising Stars Issue 1.

Fan Club FYI
JMS provides an update on features available at the Web site of the Official Babylon 5 Fan Club.

12 March 2000

Re: ATTN JMS: Thank you
JMS answers a question about TNT's contract for Babylon 5 and makes some comments about Rising Stars.

Re: Attn JMS- Next step for McCain?
JMS thinks John McCain should run as a third party candidate.

09 March 2000

Re: ATTN:JMS: writing and literary theory
JMS says that a literature degree is the last thing a writer needs.

07 March 2000

Re: Babylon 5 magazine folding...
JMS responds to a huge post that describes the concept of Babylon 5.

Re: Attn. JMS: Are We Still Going to Get To Read The "Toad Strangler" ?
JMS clarifies that the Babylon 5 short story that he claims will shock fans with its first line will be in the July issue of Amazing Stories.

06 March 2000

Re: Official Babylon 5 Magazine canceled?
JMS says that Babylon 5's poor timeslot on TNT is hurting the licensees.

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