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January 2000

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31 January 2000

Re: ATTN JMS: Dureena in "Path of Sorrows"
JMS defends Galen's power over Dureena in "The Path of Sorrows".

29 January 2000

Re: ATTN. JMS - One Question
JMS describes the positive interactions with Warner Bros. during the production of Babylon 5.

25 January 2000

Re: ATTN JMS: Harlan ?
JMS points out that Harlan Ellison did share credit on several episodes of Babylon 5.

24 January 2000

Re: Attn JMS: Amazing Reprints?
There are no current plans for reprinting the Babylon 5 fiction from Amazing Stories.

23 January 2000

Re: Galaxy Quest
JMS discusses his relationship with the actors on Babylon 5.

22 January 2000

Re: JMS: What's coolest?
JMS thinks that the Starfury model is the coolest item of Babylon 5 merchandise available.

Re: Galaxy Quest
JMS enjoyed Galaxy Quest, which he watched with Harlan Ellison.

21 January 2000

Re: ATTN JMS: Question about producing
JMS needs more information before answering this question.

20 January 2000

Re: ATTN JMS: req: crusade on another network
JMS explains the reality about the legal ownership of Crusade.

Re: ATTN JMS - One Crusade Question
JMS answers a very hypothetical question about Crusade.

Re: ATTN JMS: Have You Seen LEXX?
JMS is asked for his opinion of LEXX.

Re: ATTN: JMS Rising Stars Question
JMS clarifies how many issues of Rising Stars will be produced.

18 January 2000

Re: ATTN: JMS -- religion (Was "more comments . . .")
JMS could not resist making this joke.

Re: ATTN JMS: Why sign 'net' deals?
JMS explains profit sharing - or the lack thereof - in Hollywood.

JMS clarifies that the upcoming fiction in The Official Babylon 5 Magazine will not be reprints of the work he did for Amazing Stories.

17 January 2000

Re: Attn JMS: Comments on KODO
JMS recommends the Live at the Acropolis concert video by KODO.

16 January 2000

Re: Rising Stars #4
JMS responds to a comment about the confusion between Pyre and Lee Jackson in Rising Stars.

Warner Bros. is not involved in the story approval process for the pieces JMS is writing for Amazing Stories.

Re: Rising Stars #4
JMS corrects the name of the character who dies in issue 3 of Rising Stars.

Re: More comments, and a question
JMS responds to criticism of his handling of religion in Rising Stars.

Re: ATTN. JMS: Rising Stars Comments
JMS discusses the production schedule of Rising Stars.

Re: JMS: Rising Stars questions
JMS answers some questions about Rising Stars.

Re: ATTN JMS: Future of B5 On Space...
JMS discusses the profit potential of Babylon 5.

Re: jms-Amazing Stories?
The next issue of Amazing Stories with a Babylon 5 short story will be out in May 2000.

Re: ATTN JMS: It could have been great
JMS gives his opinion on Battlestar Galactica.

14 January 2000

JMS explains what he was trying to do with the first two short stories in Amazing Stories and drops an intriguing hint about the third short story.

Rising Stars 4 is out
It's just what the title says.

Repost: fyi, Rising Stars #4 is out
It's just what the title says.

13 January 2000

Re: Attn JMS: Comments on KODO
JMS learns that KODO will be performing in Los Angeles.

07 January 2000

Re: ATTN JMS: Rising Stars Trades?
JMS says his comic book, Rising Stars, is getting back on schedule.

06 January 2000

Re: Attn: JMS - The Complete Book of TV Production?
JMS doubts he would ever write a book about television production.

Re: Attn: JMS ... permission?
JMS says that he can not authorize fan fiction.

05 January 2000

Re: attn jms: writing
JMS explains how he starts writing a story.

Re: ATTN JMS: Thank you.
JMS responds to gratitude from a viewer who was inspired by Babylon 5 to study computer animation.

Re: ATTN JMS: Rising Stars Trades?
JMS is not sure if there will be a graphic novel reprint of Rising Stars.

Re: ATTN JMS: when is next Centauri Prime book scheduled?
JMS guesses that the second Centauri Prime book will be released in late spring 2000.

02 January 2000

Re: ATTN: JMS - A belated thank-you
JMS responds to a viewer's thanks for Babylon 5.

Re: ATTN JMS: Genie online service finally shut down
JMS responds to the news that the GEnie online service, where Babylon 5 was first announced, has shut down.

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