Midnight Nation

Joe Straczynski's Allegorical Comic Book

Midnight Nation is a 12-issue series published under the Joe's Comics imprint by Top Cow Comics, a division of Image Comics. An Issue 1/2 is also available.

The main character, Police Detective David Grey, finds himself in a world of people who have slipped between the cracks. These are the ignored, forgotten, and dispossessed people that society neglects. They eventually realize that nobody can see them anymore. These forgotten people share the same world with us, but they can only interact with things that have been discarded or forgotten. David Grey's reason for being in this world is far more sinister, and a mysterious woman named Laurel guides him on a quest to reclaim his stolen soul.

Midnight Nation is a more allegorical story than Rising Stars. It makes readers think about how people treat others and how they are responsible for their own actions... or inaction.

The entire story has been collected in a single volume which was released on 15 January 2003.


IssueTitleRelease Date
1/2"Precious Objects"SynopsisReviewMay 2001
1"Living in the Material World"SynopsisReview07 September 2000
2"Falling Through the Cracks"SynopsisReview04 October 2000
3"Wait For Me"SynopsisReview15 November 2000
4"The Devil You Know"SynopsisReview13 December 2000
5"Past Present, Present Tense"SynopsisReview14 February 2001
6"Midway to Judgment"SynopsisReview28 March 2001
7"Decisions, Decisions, Decisions"SynopsisReview16 May 2001
8"Somewhere Between Nearly There and There"SynopsisReview25 July 2001
9"Explanations, Valid and Otherwise"SynopsisReview12 December 2001
10"Drifting Away"SynopsisReview27 February 2002
11"The Wheel"Synopsis15 May 2002
12"Beyond the Road"Synopsis12 June 2002