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Hyperion vs. Nighthawk

Squadron Supreme

J. Michael Stracynski is writing a major ongoing title for Marvel Comics called Squadron Supreme. It is a revival of Mark Gruenwald's Squadron Supreme. This was the first book to examine the role of superheros in society in a gritty and realistic fashion, paving the way for Watchmen, Dark Knight, Marvels, and Kingdom Come. The story is not set in the Marvel Universe but rather in our world with the addition of a limited number of superpowered individuals.

Squadrum Supreme is published under Marvel's Marvel Knights banner. Straczynski indicates that his scripts are very detailed, running 50 pages for a 22-page book. Gary Frank provides the art.

Straczynski's work with Squadron Supreme began under the title, Supreme Power. This portion of the story ran for eighteen issues and was published under Marvel's MAX imprint for mature titles.

After the publication of Issue 18 of Supreme Power, Marvel published two miniseries featuring Hyperion and Nighthawk (see below) before relaunching as Squadron Surpeme.


IssueTitleRelease Date
1"The Pre-War Years"22 March 2006
2"First Steps"19 April 2006
3"International Incidents"24 May 2006
4"Blood and Sand"14 June 2006
5"Blood and Sand Part II"12 July 2006
6delayed from 09 August 2006
7delayed from 15 November 2006
8delayed from 04 October 2006
9delayed from 01 November 2006

Supreme Power

Straczynski began his Squadron Supreme work under the title Supreme Power. It ran for eighteen issues.

There is also a Special Edition of Supreme Power Issue 1. This version includes a different cover by Joe Quesada, original character sketches by Gary Frank, a look back at the original Squadron Supreme series that inspired Supreme Power, and more.

IssueTitleRelease Date
1"Contact"06 August 2003
2"Five Degrees of Contamination"10 September 2003
3"Coming Out"01 October 2003
4"Assumed Names"05 November 2003
5"Crank Up the Volume"03 December 2003
6"Questions of Perspective"07 January 2004
7"Powers and Principalities"04 February 2004
8"Ubi Dubium, Ibi Libertas"03 March 2004
9"Ten O'Clock"07 April 2004
10"Ladies' Night"26 May 2004
11"Never Alone"08 July 2004
12"Ominous Tidings Expressed as Four-Part Harmony"18 August 2004
13"Natural Orders"24 November 2004
14"Objects in Motion"29 December 2004
15"Collateral Damage"02 February 2005
16"The Deconstruction of Mark Milton"27 April 2005
17"True Faces"22 June 2005
18"Exhibit R: The Statement of Mark Milton"31 August 2005

Doctor Spectrum Miniseries

Marvel Comics produced a six-issue Doctor Spectrum miniseries. The writer is Samm Barnes, who was handpicked by Straczynski for the job and worked with him on Jeremiah. Newcomer Travel Foreman provides the pencils, and Dale Keown is the cover artist. This miniseries explores the secret of Corporal Joe Ledger’s dark past and the plans the crystal has for him.

IssueTitleRelease Date
1"Full Spectrum"18 August 2004
2"Full Spectrum, Part II of VI"29 September 2004
3"Full Spectrum, Part III of VI"27 October 2004
4"Full Spectrum, Part IV of VI"8 December 2004
5"Full Spectrum, Part V of VI"02 March 2005
6"Full Spectrum, Part VI of VI"30 March 2005

Supreme Power: Hyperion Miniseries

After the publication of Supreme Power Issue 18, Marvel comics produced a five-issue Hyperion miniseries. Joe Straczynski was the writer and Dan Jurgens was the artist on this miniseries.

IssueTitleRelease Date
1"Alone"21 September 2005
2"Fallen Angels"19 October 2005
3"The Least Resistance"21 December 2005
4"Full Circle"22 February 2006
5"The Prodigal Son"22 March 2006

Supreme Power: Nighthawk Miniseries

After the publication of Supreme Power Issue 18, Marvel comics produced a six-issue Nighthawk miniseries. Daniel Way was the writer, and Steve Dillon was the artist on this miniseries.

IssueTitleRelease Date
1"Punchline"08 September 2005
2"Put on a Happy Face"05 October 2005
3"The Greatest Show on Earth"02 November 2005
4"The Joke's Over"07 December 2005
5"The Best Medicine"05 January 2006
6"The Last Laugh"01 February 2006

Squadron Supreme: Hyperion vs. Nighthawk Miniseries

Marc Guggenheim is the writer and Paul Gulacy is the artist for this four-issue miniseries.

IssueTitleRelease Date
110 January 2007
207 February 2007
307 March 2007
418 April 2007