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J. Michael Straczynski's Showtime Series

Jeremiah is a science fiction television series produced by J. Michael Straczynski and MGM Television Entertainment for Showtime Networks.

The first season included a two-hour pilot plus 18 one-hour episodes. The second season includes 15 one-hour episodes.

If there is a third season of Jeremiah, Straczynski will not be involved. He has not enjoyed working with MGM. Sean Astin is contracted for half of a potential third season.


Source Material: Jeremiah is based on the European comic book of the same name written by Belgian author Hermann Huppen.

What It's About: In the year 2006 a virus wipes out everyone on the planet over the age of puberty. Jeremiah takes place 15 years later in 2021. The survivors are in their late twenties and younger and grew up without adult supervision. For 15 years they have been living on the scraps of the old world. Now they must either continue the downward slide, or begin to rebuild the world.

Cast / Characters

Most of the characters are survivors of the virus who are now in their late twenties or younger.

Jeremiah: The lead character. He is on a personal quest to locate a mysterious place called Valhalla Sector, which his father claimed might hold some hope for the survivors.
played by Luke Perry

Kurdy: Jeremiah's colorful and cynical partner.
played by Malcolm-Jamal Warner

Mr. Smith: This quirky colorful character partners with Kurdy in Season Two and provides him with cryptic messages. He may be a prophet speaking for God, or he may be a fool.
played by Sean Astin (Sam Gamgee in The Lord of the Rings)

Markus Alexander: The leader of Thunder Mountain, a colony located inside the former NORAD headquarters in Cheyenne Mountain.
played by Peter Stebbings

Erin: Erin is Markus' second-in-command at Thunder Mountain.
played by Ingrid Kavelaars

Lee Chen: Chen is he humorless and paranoid head of security at Thunder Mountain.
played by Byron Lawson

Meaghan: Meaghan is the oldes woman know to be alive in the world. She is a carrier of the plague, but it has not killed her. She lives in a biohazard containment room in Thunder Mountain.
played by Suzy Joachim

Ezekiel: An offbeat recurring character with a mysterious purpose. He gives Jeremiah cryptic prophecies about his future and protects him from danger.
played by Alex Zahara

Theo Coleridge: Theo rules Clarefield, Colorado as a ruthless warlord.
played by Kim Hawthorne

Elizabeth Munroe: Elizabeth is a resident of Thunder Mountain, and Jeremiah and Kurdy first arrived there to bring news of her partner's death. Kurdy is attracted to her.
played by Kandyse McClure

Devon: Devon is Jeremiah's father and a resident of Valhalla Sector.
played by Robert Wisden

Libby: Libby is Devon's assistant in Valhalla Sector who instantly takes Jeremiah under her wing.
played by Joanne Kelly


Production Company: J. Michael Straczynski Productions

Executive Producers (Season One): J. Michael Straczynski and Sam Egan

Executive Producers (Season Two): J. Michael Straczynski and Grant Rosenberg

Contractual Executive Producers: Joe Dante, Mike Finnell, Scott Mitchell Rosenberg, Luke Perry, and Ervin Rustemagic

Producer: George Horie

Co-Producers: Stephanie Germain, Stephen Geaghan, and Gregory Novec

Writers (Season One): J. Michael Straczynski and Sam Egan

Writer (Season Two): J. Michael Straczynski

Pilot Director: Russell Mulcahy

Director of Photography: Henry Chan

Production Manager: Brendan Ferguson

Production Coordinator: Sheenah Main

Production Designer: Steve Geaghan

Editor: Stein Myhrstad

Location Managers: Costa Vassos and Doug Brons

Assistant Location Manager: James Thompson

Casting: Corinne Clark

Music: Tim Truman

Production Location: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Production (Season One): The first pilot shot was at 1:58 p.m. on 5 September 2001. The 18 episodes of Season One were shot immediately after the pilot. Shooting concluded on 24 April 2002. Five to seven days out of each seven shooting days are outdoors. Post-production on the last episode of Season One was completed on 2 July 2002.

Production (Season Two): Production for Season Two began on 23 October 2002. Season Two will be produced and aired in HDTV. Principle photography should be concluded the first week of April 2003, and post-production should be complete in mid-May 2003.

Budget: The budget for the 20-hour first season was $27 million. Straczynski brought the show in under budget.

Air Dates: The pilot premiered on 3 January 2002 at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT. Regular episodes aired on Friday nights at varying times, usually around 10:45 p.m. ET/PT. See the Episodes page for the detailed schedule. The last eight episodes of Season Two air during September 2004 on Friday nights from 8:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. ET/PT with encores on Showtime Too and Showtime Beyond.

Jeremiah's first overseas showing began on 16 December 2002 with its broadcast on Sky One in the UK. Hopefully other international venues will follow soon. Jeremiah will be syndicated in the U. S. after a delay of at least three years.

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